Stihl MS441 Chainsaw

Stihl MS441

Stihl MS441 Chainsaw

Stihl MS441 Chainsaw

The powerful Stihl MS 441 is a professional chainsaw designed for large and heavy objects. This Stihl chainsaw features advanced engine technology that reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission rate. The Stihl MS 441 adopts pre-separation air filtration system that collects and prevents dust particles from reaching the air filter, thus improving engine life. The advanced anti-vibration system in this Stihl chainsaw reduces vibration, so you can easily handle the machine without fatigue. This professional chainsaw offers high torque level over a wide RPM range, thus delivering powerful performance.

The MS441 chainsaw is ideal for 18" to 32" bar and chain combinations.

Available in full wrap handle version MS441C.

70.7 cc

14.6 lbs

50mm cylinder, piston and rings.

Older versions were models 044 and 045.

3/8" pitch chain and sprocket.

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