Stihl 015 Chainsaw

Stihl 015

Stihl 015 Chainsaw

Stihl 01AV is rear handle arborist chainsaw (original models are top handle).

Stihl 015 AV is a chainsaw which is designed for a single person operation. For a smooth crankshaft mechanism, this Stihl chainsaw has caged needle roller bearings. This Stihl magnesium chainsaw features a cellulose fiber air filter system, to ensure that your machine does not get stalled in between your work and has a long life. To keep the engine cool, this Stihl chainsaw has a Phelon flywheel. With an anti-vibration handle bar system, this Stihl magnesium chainsaw reduces fatigue and enables the user to work for a longer time. As the Stihl 015 AV, has an automatic oil pump, the various parts of the chain saw are efficiently lubricated by the machine itself.

38mm piston, rings and cylinder.

The Stihl 011 is ideal for 14" and 16" bar and chain.

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